PAWS Proofing Portal offers document review (with annotations), copy editing (with revisions), and document creation (with wordsmithing).

Basic Review with Annotations

The number of words for pricing purposes will include titles and headers, where applicable. Documents should be submitted in an editable format, such as Word. Prices are not negotiable and payment must be made at time of document submission.

Resume Review

A well-crafted resume that tellingly presents talents and expertise eventually ends up getting noticed and plays a vital role in any employment situation. It is your personal branding document. The professional reviewer will review your resume to ensure that it effectively represents you to potential employers.

LinkedIN Profile Creation or Enhancement

A dynamic LinkedIn profile is the first step to getting noticed and networking with the person or people who can propel your career or business to new heights. Sessions for assistance with creating or enhancing your LinkedIn profile can be scheduled with the owner.

Educational & Business Consulting

A consultant can provide valuable advice and guidance when building, reviewing, or evaluating learning systems or businesses for effectiveness. Having a knowledgeable and passionate consultant will assist in getting an education professional or business owner to the next level. Consultations can be scheduled with the owner, in one-hour increments.
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